Annealing 3D Printed Plastics: Sous Vide Style

  Posted on June 13, 2017   ·   19 min read   ·   #3d printing  #materials science 

Featured on Hackaday and Fictiv Blog! Yep, you heard it right. With all the craze surrounding cooking sous vide these days, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to venture using it outside of the culinary world. Turns out that someone also had a 3D printer, and you won’t believe what happened next! Click-bait headlines aside, this post is quite lengthy and not everyone may have the patience to get through it all.

Hakko-Style Solder Fume Extractor

  Posted on March 25, 2017   ·   2 min read   ·   #3d printing  #design 

I’ve been slowly getting into the land of electrical pixies. So now, not only will I be inhaling sawdust, I can also fill them with leaded solder (because we all know that the performance of leaded solder takes higher priority than the safety of lead-free solder)! However, because I still value living, I figured I should get something to help get the solder fumes away from my lungs. At my current job with MistyWest, we have a nice, bench top solder fume extractor by Hakko.

Resources for 3D Printing with the MP Select Mini

  Posted on March 23, 2017   ·   3 min read   ·   #3d printing 

What’s better than an inexpensive 3D printer? Free sources of information! The items below are a resource list for 3D printing with the Monoprice Select Mini, all thanks to a lively community of users around the interwebz.

New Toy Tuesday: Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer

  Posted on March 7, 2017   ·   2 min read   ·   #3d printing 

I’ve been bit by the 3D printing bug. Like any tech-enthusiast, I have toyed with the idea of owning a 3D printer for quite some time. For my final year mechatronics design project, my partner and I designed an extravagent contraption to measure the yolk done-ness of a soft-boiled egg, which we called The PerfEGGct. We borrowed my roommate’s 3D printer to create the enclosure, and it turned out to be an indispensable tool during our prototyping process.

Tired of cables in VR? We are too.

  Posted on November 15, 2016   ·   6 min read   ·   #work  #vr 

Originally posted on Medium under MistyWest. Virtual reality pushes the envelope of bleeding edge technology, allowing us to explore and experience worlds beyond our mortal imaginations. It gives us immersion in another dimension, providing an unprecedented medium for communication and story telling. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then virtual reality must be worth millions. Except there’s one thing keeping it grounded to reality: cables. Since the first virtual reality headset that was hacked together in 2011, immersive head-mounted displays have progressed far and quickly.

Wooden Phone Stand

  Posted on November 13, 2016   ·   1 min read   ·   #design  #woodworking 

Phone stands are something that seem a little unnecessary, but once you have one then you’ll wonder how your desk lived without one. I’m a firm believer in having a dedicated place for everything as a solution to keep things tidy, so making a phone stand for my desk at work just made sense. I started off on Google to look for existing designs I could imitate, but most fell short of not fitting my aesthetic needs.

Making Do With a Bargain Bin Bandsaw

  Posted on October 22, 2016   ·   3 min read   ·   #woodworking 

I’ve always wanted a bandsaw. Being able to cut wood, plastics, etc. quickly and with flexibility has been a dream in my home shop. When I found an ad on Craigslist for a portable bandsaw for $50, I just couldn’t resist. The main caveat was that it was missing a table, but that wasn’t a big enough issue to turn me away from this killer deal. Fresh off Craigslist in its table-naked glory.

New Workshop + Plywood Bench Stool

  Posted on June 1, 2016   ·   2 min read   ·   #design  #woodworking 

My family moved into a new house, meaning that we finally have an actual garage instead of a measly carport. But what this really means is that I get a chance to claim space to set up an actual workshop! First project was naturally a workbench, which I put together using 2x4’s and a 3⁄4” MDF board for the work surface (see above). Second project was a bench stool, as shown in the following images below.

Boo-Boo with the Bamboo Bike

  Posted on December 18, 2015   ·   4 min read   ·   #biking  #woodworking 

As you probably already know, I made a bamboo bike which I’m very proud of. However, what you probably don’t know is that I made some mistakes in the process. The photo above shows the result of one of these progress speedbumps, and yes, I did indeed cry the day I had to cut those tubes out. I started this project in November 2013 but failed to finish due splitting bamboo.

The Making of Project Haikuza: Part 2

  Posted on August 6, 2015   ·   6 min read   ·   #programming  #python 

The format of this series is an outline of my thought process during the development of @thehaikuza. Poetry is hard To write when algorithms Are extremely dumb. I dont want my haiku generator to be a vegetarian chef. There’s nothing wrong with always making word salad, but eventually it’ll have to learn to make fancier things. A poetic risotto would be nice from time to time. Leaving @thehaikuza to make complete gibberish wasnt what I had intended.