Bargain Bandsaw Project

Background: High school woodworking was awesome. Making things is awesome. Making things that make other things is even more awesome. Making things that make other things at home by fixing used tools is the awesome-est.

Objective: Make a table for a bandsaw with a missing table. No fuss, no muss (just lots of sawdust).

Fresh off Craigslist in its table-naked glory.

I needed something to cut parts for the table support. Thus, the inverted jigsaw was birthed.

Cutting the table center out on the bandsaw stand-in.

Blade insert seated nice and snug.

Attempt #1: First version of the table supports. It wasn't extremely stable, but it was good enough to cut sturdier parts as replacements.

Attempt #2: Completed table support with angle adjustment from the slotted hole. Also note the modified knob handle above to provide easier adjustment.

Bandsaw fully functional and ready to rip.

First bandsaw project was making a keyholder and to increase stoke for the winter ski season.

Also made a butcher's block out of an old fireplace mantle.

Published on October 22, 2016