Electrical Circuit Design

ESP8266 Sous Vide Controller

Immersing food in a temperature controlled water bath.

By separating the internal and external cooking procedures, a perfect steak with no internal temperature gradient can be easily achieved. Cooking sous vide provides reliable, consistent, and precise results every time. An ESP8266 wifi chip was used to monitor and maintain the temperature controlled water.

Adjustable Portable Power Supply

Providing power to the people. Or in this case, hobby projects.

Tired of using a spliced USB cable or combining batteries to achieve a desired voltage, an inexpensive boost-buck converter was paired with the input from a laptop power brick to supply variable voltage.

Altoids Portable Charger

A minty-fresh method of keeping electronics alive.

Before the ubiquity of powerbanks, there was nothing on the market to provide longer battery life for portable electronics. Connecting a female USB connector to four rechargable AA batteries opened up a new world of extended iPod playback.